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News: Chuvash Language Helped Arrest a Thief

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑр
Šyravşă 20.02.2015 18:23 | 2162 views

Speaking Chuvash saved a man. Or rather, helped him get back money stolen from him.

On February 2 a criminal case was initiated against a taxi driver, 53. who appears to have tried to rob his passenger.

Investigators state the criminal, Kazan city resident of Azerbaijani decent, was booked by a man, 32, travelling from Kazan to Vӑrmar on December 21.

The passenger took the front seat, paid upfront and dozed off. The cab driver took full advantage in this situation, pulled out the passengers wallet and snaffled 47.000 rubles (app. $1000).

The passenger became aware of the loss upon awaking, asked the driver to return the money. To which the driver responded by pretending not knowing anything about the strange disappearance. Avoiding further confrontation the passenger simply telephoned Police and made his comlaint in Chuvash. When the unsuspecting cabman drove into gas station the police were quick to arrest him and found the lost money hidden in his socks.

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