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На свете нет ничего противоестественного.(Анатоль Франс)






    Internet Community is busy with developing the Chuvash internet - Chăvashtet. This abbreviation stands for Chăvash (Chuvash in the Chuvash language) and tet, shortened form of tetĕl which means net. We basicly are a community for the Chuvash all over the world.
    We are — Nikolaj Plotnikov (Shupashkar/Cheboksary; Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia), Havas-аппа (Moscow, Russia), Victor (aka Reflejo, USA), Anatolij Mironov (aka Chavash, Kaliningrad, Russia; Germany), Kir(Moscow, Russia), Alatar (St. Petersburg, Russia), CRadio (Moscow, Russia), Igor Aleksejev (aka Igruk, Kazan, Shupashkar/Cheboksary).
    Our community was established on September, 9, 2005. We dream and plan big, so we need new ideas and people to realize our projects. We welcome and invite you into our community. Let"s walk together into the future of the Chuvash language and culture, hi-tech being our weapons!

    This Web-site is devoted to the culture, traditions, language, history, people of the Chuvash, a turkic-bulgaric nation in the Volga Region of Russia, which finds itself comfortably under three suns, that symbolize our past, present, and future.
    Chuvash people are extremely peaceful, friendly and hospitable. Our history spreads its roots under the soil of millemiums. The language of the Chuvash is very ancient and unique as well as the culture. The term chuvash itself was introduced somewhere in 15th century, it stands for many tribes of the past which had different historic backgrounds from Asia to Western Europe. That"s why we"re so dissimilar. More than 2 millions of us live in different parts of the world: in the European part of Russia, Urals, Siberia, Baltic countries, Kalinigrad and some live in your country! However, Chuvash Republic is home for all the Chuvash with its capital in Shupashkar/Cheboksary, which is a very quiet, cosy and beautiful city on the Volga.
    The land of Chuvashia gave birth to such outstanding people as Ivan Yakovlev, the father of chuvash written language and school, Andrian Nikolaev, the 3rd cosmonaut to fly into space, Gennadiy Aygi, one of the world"s famous contemporary poets, and many other people with great heart and will.

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