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reflejo 26.10.2005 20:24 | 1543 views
Chuvash National Costumes in All-Russia Festival
The Chuvash national costumes will be presented at the All-Russia festival by three masters of Chuvashia - artist Tatyana Sharkova, national artist Zynaida Voronova and fashion-designer Lubov Vdovicheva. The Festival will take place from October, 28th till November, 1st in Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El.

To participate in this prestigious a festival all the masters have passed a competition which took place in the State Russian House of national creativity in Moscow.

Chuvashia's and Rossia's well-known artists and unique talents Tatyana Sharkova and Zynaida Voronova will present dolls in the Chuvash national costumes. And Lubov Vdovicheva will try to conquer the hearts of the audience and jury with the collection of scenic national costumes.

The best masters of the festival will have an opportunity to take part in mobile exhibitions and displays in cities of Russia and abroad.



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