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reflejo 02.11.2005 19:48 | 1961 views
15th Anniversary of Soveregnity of Chuvashia
On October 24th people devoted to their country Chuvashia gathered in the Republic Sguare in Cheboksary. The gathering was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Chuvash soveregnity.
Fifteen years ago the Republic Square served as the point for gathering for the people of chuvash who stood up for their right to have their own Republic with their own president. They could only dream of having their own independent state during the long-term oppression of first the Russian then the Soviets. But who could predict that, 15 years passed, the people would be deprived by imperialistic ambitions of President Putin of what was their greatest achievement in the XXth century.

The people spoke for preserving democracy and federative system in Russia, for backing up chuvash language and culture and the right to select their president. They presented the proclamation in which they stated their demands: To hold a meeting of Chuvash Parliament and social organizations on the measures which should be taken to preserve statehood of chuvashia, to address President and Parliament of Russia with demand of their abiding to the Constitution of Russian Federation and not interfering in the inner politics of Chuvashia, to enforce the deputees of the Chuvash Parliament to preserve the sovereignity of Chuvashia and deprive of their status if not so. They also stated that they still hold the right to apply to Constitution Court of Russia, UN and other Russian and international organizations.

Source, the proclamation in Russian language:


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