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Chuvash Language: Trolleybuses Speak More Chuvash

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑрYou can also read this news in English
Šyravşă 04.12.2015 10:20 | 5201 views
Chuvash Language

People have felt the reduction of Chuvash announcements in Cheboksary trolleybuses. In the wake of it association Irӗklӗh (Freedom) filed complaints. The official response that they obtained from Cheboksary's Leninski Disctrict Prosecutor's office confirmed the violation of the republic's law concerning languages by Cheboksary Trolleybus Company and recommended the latter to make corrections.

As a result the trolleybus company has already changed the announcements on routes 4 and 20 to include both state languages in equal proportion. The portions that used to be said only in Russian ("Attention, the doors are closing") are now pronounced in Chuvash as well (Asӑrhanӑr, alӑksem hupӑnaşşӗ).

Traveller infromation boards in trolleybuses and buses will soon become bilingual too.



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