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Мудр не тот, кто знает много, а тот, чьи знания полезны.(Эсхил)


Chuvash Myths and Legends

    Chăvash cosmogony explains the origin of the world (tĕnche) in certain sequence: chaos > fire (çulăm) and water (shyv) > sea (tinĕs) and land (çĕr) > the Earth (çĕr) and the Sky (tÿpe) > the Sun (hĕvel), the Moon (ujăh), stars (çăltărsem) > time (văhăt) > plants (ÿsen-tăran) > animals (chĕrĕ chunsem) > the human (etem). From protogenic waters came the Earth (çĕr) and Space (uçlăh). Separation of fire (çulăm) and water (shyv), the Earth (çĕr) and the Sky (tÿpe) according to Chăvash cosmogony occured without intervention of gods.
    Creators of dual phenomena: fire (çulăm) - water (shyv), the Sky (tÿpe) - the Earth (çĕr), day (kun) - night (kaç/çĕr), light (çută) - darkness (tĕttĕm), etc. act in zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images.

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