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Люди всегда легко верят тому чего страстно желают.(Вольтер)


Two wedding parties

The scorching spring sun
Will be setting soon.
The forest near the village
Is moaning, why?
The people are waiting patiently
On the village outskirts.
And soon they saw the wedding party coming
And told the match-maker.
At full speed galloping
From the forest came in sight,
Being in advance of all,
Son-in-law Takhtaman.
With big nose, narrow eyes,
Fair hair, fair beard,
The horse running at top speed
He looks rather malicious.
In black sakhman, light-coloured cap,
With tenke on his head,
White socks and bast shoes
The son-in-law looks rather well.

* * *

The bridegroom’s wedding party
Is going along the street.
The honourable match-maker’s gate
Keeps on opening and closing.
The bride’s wedding party too
Is coming to meet them from Tukas.
Narspi being under the veil
Is coming too, crying bitterly.
The heart of a fair maiden
Is burning and bleeding.
Seeing her elderly bridegroom,
Narspi is suffering, grieving.
“Oh, father and mother,
Why have you ruined my life?
Why have you given your daughter
Into a stranger’s hands?
Oh, my bridegroom Takhtaman,
You won’t be happy with me,
Even if I die,
I won’t be with you!”

* * *

The respectable match-maker
Meets the wedding with beer.
The wedding head from Khushalka
Is singing his takmak.
His beer is streaming,
He is treating his guests.
The black horse is stamping,
The son-in-law’s impatient.
Near the son-in-law
Seven riders are dancing.
The whole village is roaring
With their loud singing.
Through the new gate
Carts keep on coming.
The top of it is flopping,
Being cracked by whips.
In the match-maker’s house
The wedding went on a long time.
Next day in the streets
People made merry and played.

* * *

Khushalka guests for three days
Were celebrating the wedding.
And next day they say
Time has come to leave.
The bridegroom’s wedding party
Is ready to leave for Khushalka.
“We have celebrated the wedding here,
It is time to start out now.”
“Don’t hurry, match-makers,
Let us visit one more house.
Before leaving home,
Let us make merry once again.
And once again the guests
Went on celebrating the wedding
And at last the match-makers
Got weak and weary.
The bridegroom’s wedding party
Started on their way.
And the whole Silbi village
Gathered to see them off.

* * *

Near the village graveyard
Wedding horses are waiting.
The mother and father are here
To see the bride’s wedding off.
The village people
Are standing all around.
Having prayed for the deceased,
Are watching the bride leave.
Though unwell, Setner is here
Standing with his mother.
His sore eyes are looking for
His beloved Narspi.
Mikheter and his wife,
Blessing their daughter,
Have caused all her friends
To shed their tears.
They haven’t said a word
To their dear daughter,
Being ashamed of her eloping
To the forest with Setner.

* * *

After parents’ blessing
The wedding started out.
Narspi cast a look at Setner
And went away sobbing.
After the wedding she went away,
The forest was roaring a long time.
All the people broke up,
When the wedding passed out of sight.
Setner and his mother
Grieving go to their home.
They have parted him
From his beloved for ever.
“Oh, life, my life,
What else to do, but die.
Oh, my life, Narspi
Has gone to the stranger.
What shall I do without her?
With my unfortunate fate?
Where am I to go now
With my broken heart?”

* * *

Narspi has gone to the stranger;
Setner has gone home.
Two souls, two beloved souls
Couldn’t overcome their enemy.
The forest couldn’t hide
Two loving hearts’ escape.
Narspi, fair maiden,
Has been taken away by Takhtaman.
Futile efforts, vain hopes,
Setner’s beloved has gone away.
So is God’s will,
Such are the times.
The village gossiped much
About Setner and his deed.
Even very clever people
Failed to understand the matter.
Narspi has gone to the stranger,
And Setner is left alone.
The father ruined his daughter’s life,
The relationship ruined the relation’s life.

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