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Linguistic First Aid
 Šyravşă | 16.11.2015 16:02 |

Chuvash Language

Association Irӗklӗh has started a new project to help promote and facilitate equal use of both state languages in Chuvashia. The name of the project is Linguistic First Aid and its objectives are:

* to make equal opportunities for using both state languages in Chuvashia;

* to preserve and develop Chuvash language as it is the foundation of Chuvash national culture;

* to unite the people through the Chuvash language;

* to promote linguistic harmony and communication culture.

The project will help individuals and corporations linguistically. Legal consultations will be provided on how to defend Chuvash language: how to use it in signage, in trade, and other fields. Linguistic First Aid will also help to file officials complaints against those who break the Language Law of the republic. Upon demand the Aiders will also help translate documents and blanks, signboards and organization names into Chuvash.

It is worth mentioning that the Project has already helped the biggest Health Insurance Company Chuvashia-Med translate their information.





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