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Жизнь наша - борьба.(Еврипид)


News: symbols

Country Life

In Şӗnӗ Marat village of Komsomolski district of Chuvashia a special celebration took place. On April 28 every student showed up in school wearing Chuvash styled clothes commemorating the day of Chuvash Republic State symbols.

The day began with a joint Physical Education class which took an unusual form of learning Chuvash dance moves after a rhythmics teacher who was helped by volunteers.

After the morning exercise students divided into classes and each went into separate classrooms. The subjects were taught in a different manner on that day, each teacher connected his/her subject to the history of Chuvash Republic and its people. For example, in the English class students talked about their village in English. Geography was centered around the map of the republic.

The breaks weren't wasted either. The schoolchildren held mini contests on Chuvash Republic symbols. 10th and 6th beat other with their knowledge of the anthem, flag and anthem of Chuvashia.

The day went fast. After classes students assembled in the school square and after celebratory speech by the headmaster spent the rest of the time dancing Chuvash dances to garmon played by 6th-grader Roman Kiselev.

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