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Chuvash Language

Chuvash People's Site just launched a new webpage - it's a parallel corpus for the Chuvash language. Its principle goal is to collect accurately translated texts in Chuvash and Russian and by using them to help create a Chuvash-Russian or Russian-Chuvash translator. The collection of such texts is what's behind the famous online translator like Google and Yandex etc.

As of now the corpus contains around 100 texts, mostly newspaper publications - news and articles - from Hypar, Şamrӑksen Haşacӗ, Cӑvaš Hӗrarӑmӗ etc. Together with parallel texts from there are more than 3 thousand sentences and 40 thousand words. A little more than 800 are translated, which makes about 10 thousand words.

Chuvash-Russian parallel texts are labour-intensive and the site welcomes user contributions from those who engage in Chuvash-Russian tranlsations.

Visit the site using this link:



Chuvash Bible Is Presented to Some
 Šyravşă | 23.04.2010 23:11 |

Diaspora Hypar

Chuvash Institute of Humanities celebrates the publication of Bible in Chuvash. On April 22 the book was presented to a cheering audience in the Chuvash Drama Theater.

The ceremony was dimmed by the absence of President of the Chuvash Republic Nikolay Fedorov, who supposedly felt insulted by the fact that the presentation of the sacred text in Chuvash was held controversially in Russian. His greeting speech was read by the Minister of Culture Roza Lizakova instead. The fact is especially salient for Nikolay Fedorov took great part in construction of many churches and temples in Chuvashia during his presidency.

The event has had vast coverage in Chuvash media. But its frankness is ambiguous. For instance, a pompous report of newspaper Hypar, published to website ran oddly and quite symbolically with an awkwardly flawed picture in which writer and translator Eva Lisina, sister of celebrated poet Gennady Aygi, and one of the most important contributors to the translation, is holding the book and as she's louring from under the brows her blinking eyes are blurred in what seems like a demonic image.

Missteps and oddities surrounding the publication of the Bible leave much room for improvement and hopefully in the future more copies of Chuvash Bible will be issued. While some will be able to enjoy the book others are afraid it will be unavailable to most of the Chuvash people (around 2 million, the overwhelming majority - Christian) as the mere 7000 copies won't go into stores but will only be distributed freely.

Chuvash Bible Resources Online

Russian Bible Society's Chuvash Bible

Russian Bible Society

PDF Download: Genesis **Russian Bible Society - Chuvash Bible - Genesis





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