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Как часто люди пользуются своим умом для совершения глупости.(Ф. Ларошфуко)


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Well-know traveller Nikita Vasiliev went out for a bicycle tour from Cheboksary to Vladivostok, but a twist of fate is preventing him from teaching the destination. Nikita was crossing Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border when officials came after and charged him for overstaying the 10-day period allowed without registering. Court ruled to fine the young traveller with 31815 tenge ($90).

Nikita took very little money for the journey and can't afford unexpected expenditures. However, he has had sponsors in Shymkent who placed him in a local hotel during the legal procedures.

The traveller has already left 3000 km behind him and he's an expected guest in every village and town he visits, in Kazakhsatn as well. He is planning to spend the winter in Central Asia according to his blog.





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