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Кто долго раздумывает, не всегда находит лучшее решение.(И. Гете)



IVANOV Konstantin Vasilyevich (1890-1915), the Chuvash poet-democrat, the initiator of the Chuvash literature. His poem “Narspi” (1908) about the destiny of the Chuvash woman, and fairy tales “Widow”, “Iron breaker”, “Slave of the devil” are filled with the protest against social and national oppression.


© Translated from Chuvash into English by Vladimir Shashkov,
assisted by Luiza Mikhailova and Lyudmila Prokoshenkova.

Edited by: Alan Steadman (UK), Peter White (UK), Marinus Potter (the Netherlands), Franz Ontal (the USA), and Jair Spolador (Brasil).

Categories: Narspi, Literature
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