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News: Chuvash language


New TV Show Teaches Chuvash Languge
 Šyravşă | 20.05.2016 20:58 |

Chuvash Language

Social Organization Haval and Chuvash National TV have started a new project for children and youth. The show named "We Study Chuvash" has featured teacher of Language for Success School’s teacher Marina Andreeva. She is joined by schoolchildren of Cheboksary.

The Chuvash language lessons are told to be easy for children, but useful even for adults.

The first episode of the new show aired on April 29. It is viewable from the group page of Haval in the social network



On April 24, a day before the Chuvash Writing day, Chuvash culture and information center will open its doors in Russian Federation President's Plenipotentiary Representative Body of Chuvash Republic.

What are the objectives of the Chuvash Culture and Information Center? The primary mission is the preservation and development if Chuvash national traditions in collaboration with other Chuvash national and cultural associations.

In the Chuvash Culture and Information visitors may learn Chuvash language, songs and dances. It is also a place where one can find book about Chuvashia and Chuvash Republic periodicals including local ones.

The Address is:

Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka Street, 46.

The opening ceremony is at 6 pm.





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