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Семейные соры - штатный ремонт ветшающей семейной любви.(Василий Ключевский)


News: Moscow


Aptӑra Festival
 Šyravşă | 07.10.2015 15:45 |


On October 17 in Cheboksary Chamber Theater a new festival will take place - Chuvash and Udmurt Cultures 'Aptӑra Fest'.

This is something new for Chuvashia. Our neighbors - the Udmurts - are much ahead of us in design, electronic music and maintaining ethnic city culture. The reverse side of art and culture, however, is much more developed in Chuvashia.

So Chuvash and Udmurt have something to teach each other. The festival events include Chuvash Fine Art Exhibition, literature lectures, concerts, fashion shows and dance parties.

The Fine Art exhibition will feature artists Praski Vitti, Vladimir Ishutov, Igor Ulangin, Georgiy Fomiryakov. Literature lectures will be by Bogdan Anfinogentov (Udmurtia), Dmitriy Vorobyev (Chuvashia), Alesha Prokopiev (Chuvash Moscow), and Iosif Trer (Chuvashia).

The notable pop acts participating are Şilarman (Chuvashia) and 'Dukes' (Udmurtia).



On April 24, a day before the Chuvash Writing day, Chuvash culture and information center will open its doors in Russian Federation President's Plenipotentiary Representative Body of Chuvash Republic.

What are the objectives of the Chuvash Culture and Information Center? The primary mission is the preservation and development if Chuvash national traditions in collaboration with other Chuvash national and cultural associations.

In the Chuvash Culture and Information visitors may learn Chuvash language, songs and dances. It is also a place where one can find book about Chuvashia and Chuvash Republic periodicals including local ones.

The Address is:

Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka Street, 46.

The opening ceremony is at 6 pm.



Chuvash Disco in Moscow!
 reflejo | 16.02.2007 09:46 |


Moscow, Rossia: Youth social movement of the Federal Chuvash National-cultural Autonomy in Moscow presents Saint Valentine's party Juratu Kaşӗ on February, 17 (Saturday) at 5:30 PM.

Come for:

- a show with participation of a rising star of Chuvashia

- funny contests

- pleasant and interesting acquaintances

- and amazing, popular, dancing Chuvash music.

Location: Entertainment Center Commune (Metro station Tulskaya)

Moscow, Bolshaya Tulskaya st., 44

Students get 50 % discounts.





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