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News: Mochalov


Edward Mochalov, editor-in-chief of Chuvash newspapers Sӗtev (Bribe) and Samana (Time) was beaten up during a raid on Sӗtev office which is based in Murkash region of Chuvashia.

A group led by local MP D A Kurakin raided the newspaper office at around midnight on April 9, thrashed it, broke windows, and physically harmed Mr. Mochalov. The victim believes the assault was motivated by somebody's dislike of what he has published in connection to them.

On April 15 past midnight, somebody threw a rock into Nikolai Makarov's house, who is the management administrator of Mr. Mochalov.

Both assaults were reported to the police, who the publishers complain of doing nothing to little about the raids and harassments.

Sӗtev (Bribe) is a grass-roots independent newspaper with high circulation. Edward Mochalov is a former businessman tuned "crusading journalist", who's brought up many cases of corruption by officials, and who is known nationalwide in Russia.



To Beat Current Head of Republic
 Šyravşă | 03.04.2015 09:08 |

Politics Anatoliy Aksakov
Anatoliy Aksakov

On September 13 Chuvashia will hold a direct election of the head of the republic (formerly president) after a decade-long break when the the official leader was appointed from Kremlin.

The current governor Mikhail Ignatyev announced his run in March. Now two more candidates will make it to the list in ballots - Russian Federation State Duma deputy and head of Rossiysa association of regional banks Anatoliy Aksakov, and the editor-in-chief of notorious newspaper Sӗtev (Bribe) Edward Mochalov.

The Communist party hasn't decided yet on its candidate. It is choosing between State Duma Deputy Valentine Shurchanov and young regional leader of the party Dmitriy Efseev.





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