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Из божьей искры в нем разгорелось адской пламя.(М. Задорнов)


News: Chuvashia


Kanash City's Women's Council held a conference devoted to the problem of fathers' who work outside of the state reuniting with their families.

It was announced at the forum that 26% of men work outside of the republic according to recent statistics. It was stressed that children grow up without seeing their fathers for months and months.

The fact that a Father Advisory Body aiming to strengthen family ties and increase father's role in children's upbringing was created in Kanash was also mentioned.

A spouse's working outside of the republic is one of the reasons for divorce - which, by the way, Chuvashia is notorious for, with 80% of all marriages dissolving in court - number one figure in the Volga region.

It should also be mentioned that Chuvashia's Employment Office sent 150 Chuvash citizens outside of the republic for work opportunities.


Culture When will the model be brought to life?
When will the model be brought to life?

On April 13 a council of tourism development agencies of Chuvashia took place. The minister of culture Vadim Efimov reported on the progress of constructing Ethnic Chuvashia Tourism and Recreation Cluster.

It is not like you can recall promptly even where this project started. Still in a recent development the Federal Agency of Touristic Development imbued 250 million roubles to provide the cluster's Amazonia complex with natural gas, water and asphalt road.

However, Chuvashia's Prime Minister Ivan Motorin is skeptical these measures are sufficient to realize the apathetic Recreation Cluster project and ordered to hurry up.

Amazonia and Vedasuar are the names of Chuvashia and Cheboksary in 1450's medieval map by Italian cartographer Fra Mauro.


Politics Credit:

During Chuvash and Belorussian heads of states meeting on April 9 in Minsk Ignatiev expressed his belief that Belarus is a reliable and promising partner. The Chuvash head noted : "there are some areas of common interest that can give an additional impetus to our businessmen and enterprises and can help us develop this field through horizontal ties."

It was emphasized that the two states have worked hard to establish close economic ties which resulted in double increase in bilateral trade over the last three years. Strengthening technical, scientific and agricultural cooperation seems most promising to Ignatiev.



To Beat Current Head of Republic
 Šyravşă | 03.04.2015 09:08 |

Politics Anatoliy Aksakov
Anatoliy Aksakov

On September 13 Chuvashia will hold a direct election of the head of the republic (formerly president) after a decade-long break when the the official leader was appointed from Kremlin.

The current governor Mikhail Ignatyev announced his run in March. Now two more candidates will make it to the list in ballots - Russian Federation State Duma deputy and head of Rossiysa association of regional banks Anatoliy Aksakov, and the editor-in-chief of notorious newspaper Sӗtev (Bribe) Edward Mochalov.

The Communist party hasn't decided yet on its candidate. It is choosing between State Duma Deputy Valentine Shurchanov and young regional leader of the party Dmitriy Efseev.



Chuvashia improved its environmental rating ...
 Solar Panel Manufacturer improved Chuvashia | 01.04.2015 12:25 |


Chuvashia improved its environmental rating among federal subjects of Russia. In 2014-2015 charts prepared by non-governmental organization Green Patrol the republic is 9th of 85 subjects, a four positions leap from #13 last year.

The main environmental event of the winter happened in the city of Novocheboksarsk where a full-cycle solar panel manufacturing plant was launched, the first of its kind in Russia. This influenced the industrial environmental index of the region despite economical difficulties the country is facing, according to the environmentalists.

The ecological rating is formed from three indices: environmental protection, industrial environmental impact, social ecology.

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American Deported
 Šyravşă | 21.03.2015 12:40 |

Russia Photo Credit: Sergei Porter / Vedomosti
Photo Credit: Sergei Porter / Vedomosti

In a series of showcase deportations which started in Chuvashia in April 2014 after 4 Americans were fined and expelled from the country for violating immigration laws and 'propagating American values', another man was detained in Sheremtyevo airport, made to pay two fines totaling $83 for ignoring the previous court ruling and kicked out of Mother Russia. See you might love Russkis, but propagate American values and overstay the visa never.


Republic Vitalii Rodionov, PhD
Vitalii Rodionov, PhD

Famous literary critic Vitalii Rodionov, PhD, expressed in Irӗklӗ Sӑmah his concern over the the national newspaper Hypar's editor-in-chief Valeri Turkai publishing a debasing pamphlet about the 1990s Chuvash leader Atner Husankai, who had given an interview earlier in December to online newspaper Vremya Chuvashii. Atner Husankai expressed his discontent with the political regime and freedomlessness in the country, also nefatively characterized the present-day situation of arts and culture in Chuvashia, which according to him have come to play secondary role in the society, also praised the girls from Pussy Riot for generating a scandal and a 'smart provocation' without which art is as lively as dead.

In his pamphlet the editor-in-chief and poet created a similar provocation by reducing the name of Petӗr Husankaj, stellar Chuvash poet and activist, father of Atner Husankaj to a PH, which could easily be read as 'shit' in Chuvash. The provocateur of a major Chuvash newspaper bickered about how some people are Forever Discontent, and have no respect for establishment.

Irӗklӗ Sӑmah reminds us that Valeri Turkai was oone of the trusted man of Mr. Putin in the latest elections. According to Turkai both Chuvash culture and nation are feeling well in Russia.

Professor Rodionov states that Turkai's article reminds us both with its title and content those printed by obverse sociologists from years of repression. Vitalii Rodionov wonders if time came for totalitarianism in Chuvash society when far-reaching and respected names of Chuvash culture are brutally 'beaten' in not Turkai's but Chuvashes' most important newspaper.





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