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Гений - это бессмертный вариант простого человека.(С. Довлатов)


: Russia

Collage of Taisiya Tashney from images from the STARHIT.RU website and from the archive of Anna Budaeva
Collage of Taisiya Tashney from images from the STARHIT.RU website and from the archive of Anna Budaeva

The Chuvash people's website previously reported that two girls from Chuvashia will take part in the Miss Russia contest this year. Recall: Anna Budaeva and Yana Galanina took part in the beauty contest. The contest was held on July 25.

Of the 25 girls who participated in the competition, Anna Linnikova from Orenburg was awarded the title of the most beautiful girl. Anna Budaeva from Chuvashia won the title of first vice-miss.

Anna Budaeva is studying to be a programmer, developer of web and multimedia applications at Cheboksary Electromechanical College. She works as a model, develops websites in her spare time, and plays basketball. Cooperating with the volunteer center of Chuvashia, we help homeless animals.



Not long ago turkologist Cemalettin Yavuz came to Chuvashia. His research focuses on studies of Chuvash, Tatar and Bashkir folklore.

The worsening of Russian Turkish relations after Turkey shot down Russian war plane led to the arrest of the young researcher, who was staying in Chuvashia at that time. He was collecting materials for his masters' theses sponsored by Yunus Emre program.

Recently Cemalettin appeared in Chuvash press as a translator of Chuvash folk fairy tales into Turkish, and was praised for having learnt to speak Chuvash in a very short time.

The researcher is expected to pay a fare, be deported and banned from enetering Russia for a period of 5 years. He'll be detained for two weeks for legal procedures.

Turkey's Trakya University expressed its discontent with what it called an unlawful detention of its research assistant. Turkish Consulate in Kazan is working to free the researcher.



American Deported
 Šyravşă | 21.03.2015 12:40 |

Russia Photo Credit: Sergei Porter / Vedomosti
Photo Credit: Sergei Porter / Vedomosti

In a series of showcase deportations which started in Chuvashia in April 2014 after 4 Americans were fined and expelled from the country for violating immigration laws and 'propagating American values', another man was detained in Sheremtyevo airport, made to pay two fines totaling $83 for ignoring the previous court ruling and kicked out of Mother Russia. See you might love Russkis, but propagate American values and overstay the visa never.



Mufti of Moscow, Central Region and Chuvashia, member of the Russian Public Chamber Ali Krganov found the Richard Wagner's Tannhauser staged in the Novosibirsk Opera Theatre unacceptable in a press statement released on March 13.

He pointed out anything that has connection to Jesus (Prophet Isa) and the mother Mary (Mariam) are holy in Islam. Krganov considers staging Tannhauser in Great Lent is an attempt by liberal public to destablilize situation, and expressed that Muslims are against the discrediting of religious values and symbols regardless of which confession.

Novosibirsk prosecutors brought administrative charges of public desecration of religious and church literature, holy relics, symbols and attributes against Mr. Kulyabin, who staged Wagner's Tannhauser. The case was initiated by Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk and Berdsk.


Russia Corrupt Chuvash Oligarch Ischin
Corrupt Chuvash Oligarch Ischin

The Supreme Court of the Chuvash Republic upheld the verdict of the Moscow district court of Cheboksary imposed against the former businessman and former deputy chairman of Cheboksary City Assembly Vladimir Ischin.

Former oligarch Chuvashia was sentenced to six years in prison. Once ranked among the richest people of Chuvashia, Ischin was found guilty of attempted fraud on a large scale.

Investigation Division of Federal Security Service of Russia in the Chuvash Republic and the court found that at the beginning of January 2014 Ischin became aware of the litigation Construction Company "Firm TriAsS" (hereinafter - LLC "TriAsS") with prosecutors and others. He asked one of the representatives of the said construction firm and offered him a bribe of 10 million rubles (2 million rubles in cash and 3 apartments with a total value of 8 million rubles) to phase out the prosecution of claims against "TriAsS" associated with building Cheboksary neighborhood "Sugutka."

January 30 last year Ischin under the guise of an intermediary received from the representative of "TriAsS" part of a bribe of 1 million rubles. On February 22 when transferring the remainder of illegal remuneration Ischin was detained by officers of Federal Security Service of Russia in the Chuvash Republic.





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