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Никто не любит знаться с мошенниками, если он сам не мошенник.(Ж.Руссо)


News: politics


Not long ago turkologist Cemalettin Yavuz came to Chuvashia. His research focuses on studies of Chuvash, Tatar and Bashkir folklore.

The worsening of Russian Turkish relations after Turkey shot down Russian war plane led to the arrest of the young researcher, who was staying in Chuvashia at that time. He was collecting materials for his masters' theses sponsored by Yunus Emre program.

Recently Cemalettin appeared in Chuvash press as a translator of Chuvash folk fairy tales into Turkish, and was praised for having learnt to speak Chuvash in a very short time.

The researcher is expected to pay a fare, be deported and banned from enetering Russia for a period of 5 years. He'll be detained for two weeks for legal procedures.

Turkey's Trakya University expressed its discontent with what it called an unlawful detention of its research assistant. Turkish Consulate in Kazan is working to free the researcher.





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