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Кто долго раздумывает, не всегда находит лучшее решение.(И. Гете)


News: desecration


Mufti of Moscow, Central Region and Chuvashia, member of the Russian Public Chamber Ali Krganov found the Richard Wagner's Tannhauser staged in the Novosibirsk Opera Theatre unacceptable in a press statement released on March 13.

He pointed out anything that has connection to Jesus (Prophet Isa) and the mother Mary (Mariam) are holy in Islam. Krganov considers staging Tannhauser in Great Lent is an attempt by liberal public to destablilize situation, and expressed that Muslims are against the discrediting of religious values and symbols regardless of which confession.

Novosibirsk prosecutors brought administrative charges of public desecration of religious and church literature, holy relics, symbols and attributes against Mr. Kulyabin, who staged Wagner's Tannhauser. The case was initiated by Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk and Berdsk.





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