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Музыка не имеет отечества; отечество ее - вся вселенная.(Фр. Шопен)


News: ethnic


Sword of Tengri Makes a Second Cut
 Šyravşă | 16.04.2016 15:03 |


A new book is published by Chuvash Book Publishing House. It's a second book of a fantasy novel by Vladimir Stepanov called The Sword of Tengri. The first book enjoyed spotlight among books written in the quite popular genre which blends plots and themes of folktales, mythology and legends and borders with science fiction.

The book introduces a special ethnic Chuvash flavor to the fantastic category and identifies itself as ethofantasy.

The plot is based on the universal struggle of good versus bad. The protagonists are Ruslan Murovets and Hӑva (Willow*) who come to join the cosmic battle taking place in different time and place dimensions.

The novel takes you to the time when the Hunnic alliance - ancient ancestors of the Chuvash - has just been formed in the steppes of Central Asia.

The official presentations and signing will take place in the National Library (Cheboksary, Lenina 15) at 3 pm. on April 19.

* It is also worth mentioning that the actual recorded Chuvash name Hӑva is derivative of biblical Eve



Ilempi, Juman and Hastar are Born
 Šyravşă | 09.02.2016 12:04 |


In 2015 Chuvash citizens names a few new-borns with old and new Chuvash names - Ilempi, Juman, Aidar and Hastar.

However these exceptional names can't beat the years most popular name choices (as reported by Republic Justice Ministry): Kirill, Maksim, Artem, Dmitriy and Anna, Maria, Victoria.



Traditional Chuvash Wedding
 Šyravşă | 27.04.2015 18:51 |


Lately many weddings are devoted to certain thematic ideas. Some couples choose real wedding rituals of forgotten past like the traditional Chuvash wedding.

On April 25 the Marriage Palace of Cheboksary welcomed a Chuvash wedding. Groom Ruvim and bride Irinia dressed in ceremonial outfits decorated with traditional ornaments proceeded into the palace to a Chuvash tune.

Of all the 43 marriages on that day this might have been the most colorful and extraordinary as all the guests who saluted the newlyweds were also dressed in traditional costumes.


Culture When will the model be brought to life?
When will the model be brought to life?

On April 13 a council of tourism development agencies of Chuvashia took place. The minister of culture Vadim Efimov reported on the progress of constructing Ethnic Chuvashia Tourism and Recreation Cluster.

It is not like you can recall promptly even where this project started. Still in a recent development the Federal Agency of Touristic Development imbued 250 million roubles to provide the cluster's Amazonia complex with natural gas, water and asphalt road.

However, Chuvashia's Prime Minister Ivan Motorin is skeptical these measures are sufficient to realize the apathetic Recreation Cluster project and ordered to hurry up.

Amazonia and Vedasuar are the names of Chuvashia and Cheboksary in 1450's medieval map by Italian cartographer Fra Mauro.





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