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Как только дурак похвалит нас - он уже не кажется нам так глуп.(Ф. Ларошфуко)


News: Cheboksary

City Life

Here is a snippet of a lovely article about Cheboksary in the UK’s Daily Mail:

"A loved-up girlfriend showed her affection for her boyfriend by covering his car with graffiti saying: 'Marry me!'

Pedestrians stopped to take photos of the white car, which was spotted covered with some very fetching pink spray-paint in the city centre of Cheboksary in central Russia's Chuvash Republic.

A large gleaming pink heart dominated the car bonnet while even the wing mirrors were given a flesh lick of sassy pink."

Read more and see more images: here



An ISIS Guest to Cheboksary?
 Šyravşă | 11.01.2016 12:16 |


An Israerli had to explain himself to Russian Police while they were going through his luggage. Russian ex-pat and reserve officer of IDF Mark G. was labeled as a member of ISIS.

When he was sitting in car of Moscow-Cheboksary train Police came in and detained him. Why? A vigilant lady had seen him reading a book in Hebrew and informed Police that an ISIS agent was riding the train.

According to Mark he had to testify three times to various Police officials before an apology was made and they let him go and join his family who were already in Cheboksary.



A Krishnaite temple is appearing ...
 Vedic Temple to be Constructed | 11.10.2015 14:51 |


A Krishnaite temple is appearing in Pittukassi suburb of Cheboksary. it is to be finished in 2020 according to the plan.

The foundation and ground floor work are scheduled for this year. The temples first floor and the rood are to be finished in 2017, with the doors of the place of worship to be open in 2018. There will be an altar, kitchen, bedrooms and kids' room. The house of worship is 55. sq m large.

The Cheboksary Eparchy Anti-Sectant Department worker protoiereus Sergei Iermolaiev states the Orthodox Christian Church is against Krishnaites, saying «The Krisnaite movement was born in the second half of the 20th century in America. It is a sect of false Hinduism. Their rites and traditions are foreign to us. The church oposes the construction of such a temple in the city of Cheboksary».



Traditional Chuvash Wedding
 Šyravşă | 27.04.2015 18:51 |


Lately many weddings are devoted to certain thematic ideas. Some couples choose real wedding rituals of forgotten past like the traditional Chuvash wedding.

On April 25 the Marriage Palace of Cheboksary welcomed a Chuvash wedding. Groom Ruvim and bride Irinia dressed in ceremonial outfits decorated with traditional ornaments proceeded into the palace to a Chuvash tune.

Of all the 43 marriages on that day this might have been the most colorful and extraordinary as all the guests who saluted the newlyweds were also dressed in traditional costumes.





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