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Злые языки страшнее пистолета.(А.С. Грибоедов)


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How to Educate Russians about Russia
 Šyravşă | 17.07.2015 15:16 |

Art Photograph: Ivan Mikhailov/The Calvert Journal
Photograph: Ivan Mikhailov/The Calvert Journal

"Russia Research" exhibition by photographers one of which is a prominent Chuvash artist Ivan Mikhailov has enjoyed much publicity. Recently The Calvert Journal and The Guardian have covered the much-talked travelling event that mixes science, geology, anthropology and art. The photos takes the viewer to the provinces of the giant country, unbiased and honest images of life in regions of Russia that otherwise receive little media coverage, and have produced no certain image in the heads of average Russians. The most interesting part of the "experiment" is performed on urban-planners, anthropologists, psychologists and the like who had to give commentary on the photos without knowing where they were taken.

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