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: Art


Chuvash State Art Museum opened an exhibition titled We by artist Maria Fomiryakova in Cheboksary.

The concept is inpired by "the ancestral world. Our universe. The human world, and the endless cosmos within us. Images of the past, gods, spirits, nature, the beauty of the world surrounding us" as stated by Maria, who researched social archetypes according to their roles. "The foremost purpose of my creaitivity is the study of archaic images of pagan religion of our ancient ancestors", says the artist.

The focal point of the art show is above all, the portraits of pagan deities and ancestors. Chuvash mythology is thought to incorporate more than 200 gods and faithful deities, populating the heaven, the earth, and the underwold, with the supreme god Turӑ, the creator of all. The visitors will see the artist's depictions of Turӑ, his wife Kepe, Angels and Kiremet, the spirits of Good and Evil, Red Ravine, deity Hertsurt dressed in white weaving the yarn of life. There are plenty of others including demons and other evil spirits.

Maria's technique is called Rip-art ans is made bright with tempera colors.

Besides mythological and neopagan canvases the artist presents more conventional oil paint portraits and landscapes. There is also a collection of illustrations to books such as The Sword of Tengri by Vladimir Stepanov.

Maria Fomiryakova is fathered by famous ethnofuturism artist Georgii Fomiryakov and was born in 1983 in the town of Alatyr. She graduated from the Arts and Graphics Department of Chuvash State Teacher's Training University in 2008. Maria has made a career as an interior designer while continuing her work as an artist.



Chuvash Art Party
 Šyravşă | 31.10.2015 18:24 |

Art Jewelry and accessories by designer Mikuş Baltaj
Jewelry and accessories by designer Mikuş Baltaj

Director Iosif Trer is inviting everyone involved in Art to a party on November 3 at 18:30 in the Youth Theater.

For anyone who is interested in Chuvash culture and is in Chuvashia now this is a great opportunity to meet almost all of the contemporary important artists, designers and writers.

The host Iosif Trer invites the guests to reflect on the current status of Chuvash art in the world.

These artisans confirmed they are coming and it is a great chance for us to list the most prominent names of present-day Chuvash art-scene:

Ethnofuturism and Receptualism artist Georgiy Fomiryakov,

Aygiists Atner Husankai and Oleg Ulangin,

Popular TV host and journalist Tatiana Iliina,

Avant-garde poet Marina Kariagina,

Ethnic costume, jewelry and accessory designer Mikuş Baltaj,

singer-songwriters Vladimir Iandush and Hai-Lav,

dance-pop music band Şilarman,

museum curator Antonina Andreeva,

designer and artist Pavel Popov,

French Chuvash language and culture activist Ulpi,

Haval Chuvash Youth Organization and Chuvash Language school director Aleksandr Blinov.

Also invited are:

Artist and Illustrator Praski Witti,

musical instrument maker Nikolai Fomiriakov,

Estonian Chuvash singer-songwriter Aleksandr Aidarov.



New Season Premieres Insomniacs
 Šyravşă | 24.09.2015 14:21 |


The Chuvash State Drama Theater named after Constantine Ivanov has launched its new 98th season. The opening play this year is 'Constantine Ivanov' (Hot Blooded Gentle Soul), which replaced the theater's first opening choice for many years, the all-company-involving crowded play 'In the Village' (Ялта). The season's premiere follows almost immediately.

The comedy 'Insomniacs' (Ыйӑх ҫухатнисем) was written by playwright Nikolai Terentiev and staged by theater's own actor with an honorary title given by the Republic, and Chuvash Republic Youth Award winner Valerii Karpov. Art direction is by Ludmila Sidorovs. Theater-goers are invited to see the new play on September, 30th.

The love comedy tells the happiness stories of loving couples. Gennady and Luba imagine happiness as an adventure to diamond mines together, Peter and Olga's symbol of happiness are a tractor and lots of corn to harvest in the field... But parents Martha and Lavren Vasilch want to become relatives by marrying off Luba and Peter to make lots of money selling apples from a huge apple orchard. They don't care if Peter and Olga love each other or have a different view on happiness.

The Chuvash Drama theater is a wonderful place to train Chuvash, equipment is also provided to hear simultaneous translation in Russian.



How to Educate Russians about Russia
 Šyravşă | 17.07.2015 15:16 |

Art Photograph: Ivan Mikhailov/The Calvert Journal
Photograph: Ivan Mikhailov/The Calvert Journal

"Russia Research" exhibition by photographers one of which is a prominent Chuvash artist Ivan Mikhailov has enjoyed much publicity. Recently The Calvert Journal and The Guardian have covered the much-talked travelling event that mixes science, geology, anthropology and art. The photos takes the viewer to the provinces of the giant country, unbiased and honest images of life in regions of Russia that otherwise receive little media coverage, and have produced no certain image in the heads of average Russians. The most interesting part of the "experiment" is performed on urban-planners, anthropologists, psychologists and the like who had to give commentary on the photos without knowing where they were taken.

Follow the "News Source" link to read more and see more images.



On February 15th there will be the opening of an exposition of paintings and the presentation of the album of the national artist of the Chuvash Republic, Yuriy Matrosov.

"Native hills", "Summer Evening", "Collecting Hay", "Rural wedding", "Rural Holiday" - these pictures of the artist show traditions and ceremonies of Chuvash people.

The works are exhibited at the gallery "Silver Age" of the National Library.

Source: CAP.RU





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