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News: Roskomnadzor

Neighbors Udmurt readers
Udmurt readers

Udmurtia. Local bureaucrats of the Federal Anti-monopoly Services expressed that advertisements must be published in Russian language, which caused outrage among Udmurts.

The case is started by russian media supervision body Roskomnadzor. Once an Udmurt ad was spotted by agents of Roskomnaddzor when flipping through pages of the Udmurt newspaper it made they became suspicious and pulled out the advertising law and reported it as an offence violating the law. The advertisement was of performance by local poet Galina Romanova in the national theater. The agency watchdogs thought by publishing the ad in Udmurt prevented a Russophonic person from understanding and consequently attending the poetry event.

The newspaper's editor-in-chief Zinaida Ryabinia explained that the reasonimig by the federal anti-monopoly services agency is foolish. Why would a russophone take up a newspaper produced exclusively in Udmurt language? A decision like this is only out of disrespect of Udmurt language.

«Удмурт Дунне» (Udmurt Dunne) was established in 1915. Not long ago it celbrated its 100th anniversary. Throughout its history it was only published in Udmurt language, and to this day has never been accused of it.

Udmurtia is a republic and a federal subject of Russian Federation, located in the European part of Russia. Udmurt is a Finno-Ugric language and is official in Udmurtia.





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