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News: sports


Suport Biathlonist Tatiana Akimova
 Šyravşă | 09.03.2016 12:39 |


IBU World Championships Biathlon is up and running - March 2-13, Oslo Holmenkollen, Norway. One of the teammates of the Russian Federation team is our own Tatian Akimova who participates for the first time.



Chuvash Athletes Banned
 Šyravşă | 15.11.2015 16:17 |

Sports Tatiana Arhipova
Tatiana Arhipova

A doping scandal lead to The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) banning Russian Federation athletes from participating in international competitions, which prevented Chuvash sportsmen, too, from attending athletic tournaments.

Tatiana Arhipova missed the Japan marathon which happened in the weekend.

The Chuvash Athletics team trainer Nikolai Panfilov says Natalia Puchkova and Alina Prokopieva's participation in world tournaments is also doubtful.

The 2016 World Race Walking Cup which was to take place in Cheboksary was cancelled last week. Chuvash Sports Minister Sergei Sheltukov says the official cancellation documents haven't yet arrived, therefore the tournament preparations continue as scheduled.



Ardalion Ignatyev
 Šyravşă | 09.11.2015 14:13 |


One of the most talented people of Jelcӗk District of Chuvashia Ardalion Ignatyev was a famous Soviet athlete who competed in Melbourne Olympics in 1956 (won the bronze medal), European championships (Champion in 1954) and for many years held record scores in USSR.

Jelcӗk's People's Museum of Regional Studies invites everybody to an exposition called The Road to Achievements. It features photographs and interesting documents related to Ardalion's success. In the evening of November 24, the birthday of Ardalion Ignatyev, a memorial event will be held.



Chuvash Wrestling Contest in Uljanovsk
 reflejo | 11.12.2006 21:36 |


Uljanovsk, Rossia: The Uljanovsk Oblast' Federation of Cӑvash Kӗreshü held a wrestling contest, which was complimented to Hero of Rossia, Colonel of Federal Security Department's Air Force Jurij Nedvigan, who was also present at the contest. 208 competitors from Uljanovsk, Tatarstan, Orenburg, Bashkiria, Perm.

Schoolchildren of Şӗnӗ Jӗlmel, Şӗprel won the contest among youth contest.

The main award, traditionally a ram, was won by Denis Setnerov from Uljanovsk.





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