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Без зажиточной жизни в народе не воспитаешь добрых качеств.(Сюнь-цзы)


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Sӑvar Fund Celebrates Şӑvarni
 Šyravşă | 10.03.2016 12:03 |

Events Jupa pole on the left, activists holding a Suvar foundation flag
Jupa pole on the left, activists holding a Suvar foundation flag

In cafe Şӑlkuş, which is in the same building with Chuvash National Congress in Cheboksary activists of Sӑvar celebrated Chuvash traditional holiday of Şӑvarni (coincides with the Russaian Maslenitsa carnival).

The meeting began with the veneration of ancestors near a jupa (wooden pole) installed in the Cheboksary Arbat. Bread was broken and prayers were read. Then the assembly proceeded into the cafe where before the feast Alran Kaimi hymn was sung.

The gathered discussed the current problems of Chuvashity such as the effects of the removal of the word "State" from the republic's constitutional law.


Şӑvarni [Shuh-var-NEE] is an ancient pagan Sun-adoration festivity preceding the Mӑnkun festival (source:



Events planned for the celebration of national holiday the Republic Day, on June 24, include opening of an ethnocultural park and a video competition. Professional videographers and amateurs alike will shoot footage of the festivities with their cameras, ipads, smartphones for a prize.

The celebration destination of this year, where most of the activities will take place, is the village of Elӗk (Alikovo). Cheboksary on the other hand will be decorated with 30 thousand flowers and large-scale art objects, one being in the form of tuhia, national maiden's headdress.



Fund Suvar Celebrated Surhuri
 Šyravşă | 11.01.2016 13:15 |


In January Fund Suvar orgnaized a festive activity to celebrate Surhuri which is a traditional. The crowd that gatherer was greeted by the head of Suvar Fund Mr. Timӗr Tiapkin, while the ritual was led by ethnographer Vitalii Stanial. While reciting ritual supplications he asked participant to take from a round loaf of bread, started and asked participants to taste form the ritual beer ladle.

The festive tableful was presided by ethnographer Vitalii Stanial, painter Praski Vitti, and two ethnographers from Murkash region Martynov and Morozov. This year's Surhuri was attended by leaders of diaspora and Vladimir Bolgarskii of Moscow Chuvash Bulgar Association, the latter bought a painting from Praski Vitti.

The assembly ate a flavorful Kakai Šürpi (Pacha dish) and enjoyed Nikolai Fomiriakov's music, who played on various imstruments.

Chuvash Language Teachers' Association took big role in preparations, the most active of them received presents by accessory and jewelry designer Mikuş Paltai.


Surhuri is a traditional weeks-long festivity which may start as early as December 6th. It is associated with winter solstice as a pagan rite. The main participants are children and youth. In a custom similar to Halloween trick-or-treating they go asking for treats and ingredients for the ritual pea porridge and beer. Surhuri also coincided with Christmas and continued to as late as Epiphany and thus in northern regions it is the Chuvash name for Christmas and closely resembles Russian caroling traditions.



On December 13 in the Philharmonic Society Hall the annual beauty pageant Cӑvaš Piki (Miss Chuvash, not to be confused with Miss Chuvashia) took place. Contestants came from districts of Chuvashia and Tatarstan and competed in five categories. First they presented themselves and then performed their talent routines. After that they were interviewed by the judges, presented traditional dishes they prepared and modeled beautiful traditional-inspired clothes.

It took the judges very long to come to a decision: Viktoria Tihonova from Murkash became this year's Miss Chuvash. She won a trip to a sea resort, while the runners-up were awarded tablet computers.



Ardalion Ignatyev
 Šyravşă | 09.11.2015 14:13 |


One of the most talented people of Jelcӗk District of Chuvashia Ardalion Ignatyev was a famous Soviet athlete who competed in Melbourne Olympics in 1956 (won the bronze medal), European championships (Champion in 1954) and for many years held record scores in USSR.

Jelcӗk's People's Museum of Regional Studies invites everybody to an exposition called The Road to Achievements. It features photographs and interesting documents related to Ardalion's success. In the evening of November 24, the birthday of Ardalion Ignatyev, a memorial event will be held.



Annual Celebration of Bravery
 Šyravşă | 11.08.2015 18:53 |

Events Folk Religion priest Fedor Madurov at the Pole
Folk Religion priest Fedor Madurov at the Pole

It has become an annual custom for Chuvash activists and followers of Chuvash folk religion to assemble at a pole installed near Alkesh, suburb of Cheboksary. The occasion is the memorial of a battle that happened 792 years ago. A sacrificial ritual was performed in memory of brave ancestors who defeated the Mongol army in the Battle of Samara Bend and relieved Europe of clashes with the Tatar-Mongol army for the consequent 16 years.

After the victory over joint Kievan, Galician-Volhynian, Chernigov, Smolensk and Cuman troops at the Kalka River, the unbeatable Tatar-Mongol army headed north, but were defeated in an ambush by the Volga Bulgar army led by King Chelbir. The number of Mongol captives is estimated at 4000. This was the first time the Mongol Empire suffered a significant setback and near escape for Commander Subutai.

The captives were exchanged for sheep, one for each soldier, and that's where the name Sheep Battle comes from.

After the ritual of lamb sacrifice a local folklore ensemble performed and the guests gathered for festival soup shurpe.

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