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Бог - это то бесконечное, что требует от нас праведности.(Мэтью Арнольд)


Cv-En CVL: P



    -pa with, at, in the company of, together with, etc.; pala being in company with and, along; -palan postposition for (plus instrumental case)
    pallă sign, characteristic, mark; famous, reknown, known; pallă jachĕ adjective
    padezh (Russ.) case (grammatical)
    paksha squirrel
    palla to know, recognize; pallash- to know one another, to be acquainted
    paha dear, valuable; good, fine
    pahcha garden
    paj part, unit
    pajla divide
    pajlan to be parted; divided
    pajan today; now
    pajărka bundle, sheaf; rays
    pajtah enough, rather, quite; pajtachen for a long time
    panchen shortened colloq. of patĕnchen from sb"s place, from the location of something
    panulmi apple
    par to give, present
    parankă potatoes syn. şĕr ulmi
    parappan (Russ.) drum
    parăm transgressions, debts; obligation
    parta \`part:ă\ (Russ.) student‘s desk
    parti \`part:i\ (Russ.) party (political)
    paru dative case; tax
    pasar bazaar, fair, market
    paşărtanpa for a long time, since long
    pat postposition side, towards; patne to its side, to, towards, e. g. ‚ un patne towards him, to him; patĕnchen from the side, from beside; pirĕn patra (pirĕn patămărta) at our place, at the side of us
    patsha ruler, king, pasha, padishah, tsar; patshalăh state, kingdom
    pattăr brave, courageous; hero, epic hero, pattărrăn heroically, bravely;
    pattărla heroically
    pavuska (Russ.) cart, wagon
    păcha only in the phrase acha-păcha “children“
    păr I ice
    păr II to turn, wind, bend, bore; părăn to turn oneself
    părah to throw
    părahut (Russ.) steamship
    părăş pepper; sară părăş "yellow pepper" = mustard
    părkăchă shaft-poles of a cart or wagon
    părtak a little, some, a bit
    păs steam; păslan to steam, rise up in mist
    păh to watch, observe; wait, await; take care of
    pedagogika (Russ.) pedagogy, teaching methods, education
    pek such, such a, like; şavăn pek like this, such a; şakăn pek like this, such a
    -pele same as -pala
    pepke baby, infant
    per to shoot, throw
    pereket abundance, excess, savings
    pĕcchen alone
    pĕchĕk small; pĕchĕkşĕ small; pĕchĕkkĕn little by little, gradually
    pĕl to know, experience; pĕlter inform, to make known, mean; pĕlü knowledge, things known
    pĕlĕt sky, cloud
    pĕltĕr last year
    pĕr one, a; pĕrpĕr some, one or another; pĕri one of; pĕrer one each; pĕr pĕrinpe to one another
    pĕrchĕ grain, crop; particle
    pĕrle ‘having one‘ = as one, together, e. g. ‚ unpa pĕrle together with him; pĕrleleh instrumental (case); pĕrlesh- to make one, unite, unifj; pĕrleshtĕr— to be united
    pĕrmaj continually
    pĕrpek ‘like one,‘ alike, similar, identical
    pĕrre same as pĕr; pĕrre ... tepre now ... now
    pĕşer to cook, make boil
    pĕt to end, finish, lose; give out, run out; pĕter to end, use up
    pĕtĕlen to become pregnant (about animals)
    pĕtĕm all
    picche uncle, elder brother
    pichĕke barrel, tub, vat
    pichet (Russ. ) press; seal
    pilĕk waist
    pillĕk, pilĕk five; pilĕkşullăh five-jear plan
    pin thousand
    pirĕn our (genitive of epir ‘we‘)
    pirki postposition bj means of, on account of
    pirvaj first of all
    piş to cook, boil; pişnĕ cooked, boiled, ripe; mature, experienced
    pit face, side; pichĕ its side
    pitĕ very
    pyr I throat
    pyr II to go, walk, come, travel
    pysăk large, great, big; pysăklat to enlarge, make bigger, grow
    pytan to secrete, hide oneself, take refuge; pytar to hide, conceal, secrete (transitive)
    plan (Russ.) plan
    ploşadka (Russ.) square, court, platform
    plug (Russ.) plow
    pogranichnik (Russ.) border guard
    povest‘ (Russ. ) story, narrative
    pojezd, pujăs (Russ.) train
    praşnik (Russ.) holiday, vacation syn. ujav
    pravleni (Russ.) direction, management
    pravo (Russ.) right, rights, law, justice
    predlozheni (Russ.) clause, sentence
    predsedatel‘ (Russ.) chairman, presiding officer, president
    premĕk, pĕremĕk (Russ.) gingerbread
    premi (Russ.) prize
    produkci (Russ.) production
    proliv (Russ.) straits
    promyshlennost", promyshlennoş (Russ.) industry
    protez (Russ.) prosthesis, artificial limb
    pul to be, to become
    pula postposition for, owing to
    pulă fish; pulăşă fisher, fisherman
    pulăsh to help, aid; pulăshu help, aid, assistance
    pulĕ it is possible; pulin "let it be" concessive verb form; pulin te although; pulsan conditional verb form; pulsan ta although, even if; pultar to cause to be, to be able
    puple to speak
    puplev speech (the faculty)
    pur there is, there are, there exists
    purăn to live; purănăş life; purănmalăh to live on
    purşăn silk
    purcchĕ past of pur: there was, there were
    purtă axe
    purte all, every, each
    pus to press, step, to push
    pusan = pulsan; pusan ta = pulsan ta
    pusmăr oppression, force
    puş head; beginning
    puşĕlĕh pillow, cushion, headrest
    puşla to begin
    puşlamăsh the beginning
    puşne postposition except
    puşşap to implore, beg
    puştar to collect, gather
    push March
    pushă empty, vacant; pushan to empty oneself, unload oneself; push-hir desert, desolate place
    put to sink
    putăk valley, ravine
    putek joung ewe, lamb
    put‘eh probablj, indeed
    puh to assemble, gather (transitive); puhăn to assemble, to come together in a gathering; puhu meeting
    pujan rich, wealthy, rich man; pujanlăh wealth, richness
    pülĕm room
    Pülĕh a sort of god or spirit
    pürne finger
    pürt house, residence, living room (usuallj, the central heated room of a small but, as opposed to an entire dwelling or house)

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